Online Forms and e-Signatures for Business

Collecting information is still commonly done by forms. Unfortunately I find so many companies continue to send forms that need to be printed, signed, scanned, and then e-mail.

It is much more efficient to collect data from forms using a simple system such as Open eSignForms by Yozons.

If you need to collect signatures online and want to save time and simplify your workflow, I highly recommend implementing a platform that allows for e-signatures.

Megalith Technologies can help you deploy your own custom electronic contract solution to get any document signed and stored securely.

While some people are concerned about the security implications of electronic signatures, a online signature and form creation platform is actually proven to be more secure than signing documents on paper.

Digital signatures are tamper proof unlike their paper counter-part.

If you don’t need a full blown workflow and form solutions, but instead need a simple form to collect data from visitors to your website, feel free to try the online solutions listed below.

Here is a list of the best online form builders for collecting information online for free.

PHP Form

Open Modal

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