Internet Services

Desktop, Infrastructure and Technical Support
Megalith Technologies offers a full service managed solution for our customers who need a On-Demand solution for their IT needs.
Service Level Agreements (SLA) are agreed to by our customers and our team, according to the specific needs of the customer or company.  These SLA’s are varied in scope, flexible, and easily changed or upgraded when needed.
Internet Services provide:
  •   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  •   Social Media Presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+)
  •   Email Marketing and Newsletters
  •   Analytics and Reporting
  •   Advertising Campaign Management
  •   Project Management
  •   Internet Business Setup and Deployment
  •   Consultative Services
  •   Google Apps, Amazon, IBM / Microsoft Cloud solutions
  •   Website Maintenance and Support
  •   Salesforce
  •   Customer & Client Management Portals