Host Based Intrusion Detection and Log Monitoring

Are your computer systems speaking to you? If could hear them, what would they say?

“I’m being attacked!”
“I’m running low on disk space.”
“The e-mail server is down!”

The truth is computer systems speak to us all the time. The problem is most businesses haven’t invested in the right company to monitor their systems.

If you are one of the guilty who are not monitoring your systems for intrusion or system problems it’s not too late to get help now. Let us stop IT problems before they occur by pro-actively monitoring  and listening to your systems and your network.

We will notify your team of the root cause and solution or we can take action on our behalf to rectify problems immediately.

Utilizing some of the best software in the business, Nagios and Ossec, provide real-time alert and reporting for system performance and health in addition to attempts at intrusion by hackers or malicious employees.

If you are governed by a regulatory entity a need compliance such as SOX, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley, you should definitely check out Threat Manager by Alert Logic. They are a Houston based company with 24/7 monitoring facilities and can ensure compliance by taking taking the headache of daily log review off of your compliance requirements.

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