Technology Advice

DNS Changes for VoIP/SIP Service

Name Description Example
Service Symbolic name of service _sip.
Proto Transport protocol _udp.
Name Domain name for this record[a]
TTL Time to live (in seconds) 86400
Class DNS class field (always IN) IN
Priority Target host priority 0
Weight Relative weight of this record 0
Port TCP/UDP port number 5060
Target Hostname of machine providing this service
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Mobile Phones as a Collaboration Tool

In my years of IT Management for a global company, I have found that effective collaboration is hard to come by. Meetings are boring, communicating through e-mail is difficult and it is all too easy to get side tracked. Instant messaging is no better and video conferencing is no substitute for face to face meetings. Most of the time, people just want to be on their phones. Playing games, spending time on Facebook, or Tweeting. It’s a new world and traditional methods of collaborating have been made ineffective. These days most everyone has or knows how to use a smart phone. I collaborate and socialize with people all over the world via my iPhone and I have found it to be an indispensable tool for communicating and getting tasks done. The group chat function in my cell phone is the...